1) First Boeing 787 Dreamliner Delivered
John Cass | Sept 26
Well written! I think it is great that this finally happened and something that must be shared with the company’s publics so that they know their investment has paid off!

2) Hybrid PR in a world with less time & attention x more tools & messages
Kevin | October 14
This is an awesome idea. I love when you said: “Six tweets. One news story. Done. It’s a short Twitter conversation reminding us we have more tools than ever to do our job in a shorter than ever time frame.” I know I personally treat my twitter as a social thing at this point in my life but I look forward to getting the opportunity to use it as a networking tool.

3) Networking Vs. Leading
Adam Singer | Oct 24
Many stop short because they become comfortable with what they have achieved. They need to continue to push themselves to get better and better, instead of stopping short, in order to be as successful as they can be.

4) For the Non-Techie PR Pro: How to Better Understand Social Media and SEO
Nikki Parrotte | Nov 30
This is so true! I recently completed an internship with the Charlotte Bobcats for graphic design and I went in knowing I had a lot to learn but I didn’t realize how little I actually knew. School is a great way to learn how to be creative and learn from other people’s “mistakes” or experiences but are no words to explain how valuable experience is. That is where I truly learned everything. Schooling is just part of the hoops we have to go through. If you really want to learn… intern, intern, intern.

5) BPB Gets Dynamic & Data Becomes Content
Kevin | October 7
As a future designer I can really appreciate this article. Visual web candy as we like to call it really grabs the attention of the view. There are so many cites live on the web today and each one has something that they think will grab the viewer’s attention but there are a few glitches that some people may not think of. Some coding websites work differently depending what browser you open them in… not to mention what type of electronic device you view it on. All of the different ways to view the cite are awesome! Can’t wait to see what else is created to keep up with the booming digital age.

6) A College Degree Is Hardly A Guarantee
Adam Singer | Nov 28
As a current college student about to graduate next semester this makes me think about whether or not I will be one of those recent college graduates who are unable to get a job within a few months after graduation.

7) Lost Cat Spells PR Nightmare for AA
By Mark Rose | Aug 30
American Airlines did a horrible job managing this crisis. With being such a successful airline one would think that they would have a crisis management plan just in case the airline ever lost an animal. Losing an animal is much different than losing luggage. You don’t have to keep luggage alive. Perhaps the most appalling thing AA did wasn’t losing the cat, it was the five days of silence in response to the misplacement of Jack the Cat. Their PR staff should be embarrassed for that. Everyone knows that silence is the worst action to take in a crisis. I am willing to give AA a break just because of the timing of this crisis but just because it was miniscule compared to other issues, their actions or lack there of is unacceptable. No issue is too small for a good company.

8) Can Charlie Get Back His Sheen?
Cindy Ronzoni | Sept 20
Two and A Half Men was never a show that I scheduled my day around but if I happened to be home and it was on I might sit down to watch it, chuckle a few times and be on my way. Then when Charlie had his outbreak I watched it even more and realized how funny it really was and if Charlie was no longer going to be on the show that was going to be a huge blow for Two and A Half Men. PR wise I see why the network basically HAD to let him go at any cost but that cost might be higher than what they are paying Charlie. The show without him is horrible. Kutcher does NOT fit that role. Charlie definitely has won the battle but I doubt he has won the war in the sense of his career. He may be financially stable for the rest of his life but he will never be a respected actor again. What network or director would ever hire him? I just don’t think there is an amount of PR help that could possibly fully revamp his image and reputation.

9)How To Start A Career In Social Media
Adam Singer | Sept 19
This makes me feel more confident in being successful in social media because it makes me realized that everyone else that has been successful had to work hard for many years to get to where they are now.

10) Not everything is a nail
Josh Morgan | Nov 22
It is shocking to me that there is ever a crisis that comes out of the Oval office. I know it is unrealistic to think that there will never ever be another crisis but the first PR step in preventing a crisis is to plan ahead. You have to anticipate and identify possible issues. Plus Obama’s excuse of letting the day to day things get in the way of communication isn’t a good excuse. He basically communicated one way to get the nation to like him and elect him president and then when he won he let certain things fall through the cracks. I’m sure here in the new year we will see the old communication tactics coming back since re-election is coming up. Maybe they will learn a thing or two from the first go around.

11) Coca-Cola responds to death from poisonous Minute Made drink
Jenny Chan | Dec 2
I think Coca-Cola responded properly with issuing a statement in a timely manner and then conducting tests on the product via a third party source. But when it comes to matters of death, especially the death of a child, it is hard to deem any type of response correct. Coca-Cola did what they could but to the family of the child, it will never be enough.

12) The Foursquare potential: Why I think this could reinvent social
Drew B | Sept 15
I remember when FourSquare first came out. I was the first of my friends to get it and competed against mainly my family. I was the Mayor of my school, running track, the YMCA and embarrassingly enough THREE Chick-fil-As. Since then I have stopped checking in places. I never even downloaded the app on my new phone. I completely agree that this type of feature on social networking cites can be very beneficial for businesses to learn who, what, when, where, and why people visit their business. On the flip side, I can see this being very creepy. Letting people know exactly where people are during points of the day. Not sure I like that part of it but the basic principle is nice and can be very beneficial.

13) Chick-fil-A Sues Vermont Artist, Invokes Streisand Effect
Adam Singer | Nov 29
From a designers perspective I can see how Chick-fil-a would be annoyed with Muller-Moore copying their slogan and only changing one word. Even though it probably won’t cause any confusion it is the fact that Muller-Moore is copying Chick-fil-a’s ideas.

14) 10 Tips To Increase Your Productivity
Guest Author | Oct 6
This list of things would definitely help me not procrastinate and get distracted on the important things that I need to accomplish each and every day!

15)  Advertise Anywhere You Want
PR Practitioner | Nov 30
I think this is awesome! This is a brilliant idea. The content, size, location, reach and frequency of this ad(s) is spot on. There are so many times that I will be in the mall and see something that triggers my memory that reminds me of something I forgot to do. Publicity in places like the mall are very coveted spaces so you have to get creative as to where to put your ads and how effective they will be. HamptonInn got very creative and I am sure that it has paid off.

16) Penn State Selects Ketchum for Crisis Work
Jeremy Story | Nov 16
I  understand a crisis is most of the time a complete shock but what I do not understand is that these major businesses (colleges included) do not have a plan for when these surprises arise. I guarantee you that now every college has a sex scandal crisis management plan now after seeing what happened to Penn State and I’m sure they could take a few pointers from what happened to Tiger as well. It is a shame that from now on one of the greatest golfers to ever live, Tiger Woods’ name will now be included when talking about sex scandals crisis management.

17) Facebook Changes Don’t Change The Challenge
by Albert Maruggi | September 30th
I know everyone gets really annoyed when Facebook changes their layout, I’m not going to lie… I am one of those people, but I do feel like it is a good thing. When people get so use to looking at things they get into a routine and skip right over certain things they don’t typically use. Granite Facebook is normally adding new features and that is why they change the layout but I think they also do it so that some of their old features may be found again. If businesses use it effectively, Facebook is a great FREE marketing tool. I knew I personally don’t like many businesses on Facebook but I am sure when I get old I will use Facebook as more of a marketing tool than a social outlet.

18) Are You a PR Puppet or a PR Counselor?
By Rob | Nov 16
I can relate to this on a similar but different level. I work as the only designer at a church in my home town and I have proven, on multiple occasions, that I know what I am doing and I produce quality work. However, there have been times that a creative form is submitted and I create what they are asking for and it is sent back for two… three… four revisions. It gets to the point where I feel like saying “If you know EXACTLY what you want, then why did you hire me?”
But at the end of the day THEY are the client and we have to give them what they ask for. I have learned through experience to keep documentation of me encouraging to make other decisions and if anything doesn’t go the way they wanted it to, I have proof that I did my job to the fullest. Hang in there!

19) Use Of Twitter (Or Any Social Platform) Is Not Black And White
Adam Singer | Nov 15
I also agree that there is no right or wrong way to use Twitter. It is just a way for a company to provide information about themselves to their followers. The way they share that info should be determined by how they can get their important information across to their consumers. There is no right or wrong way to address that information.

20) Chinese Baby Milk Powder Scandal Manufactured by Competitor
Joël Céré | Oct 21
It is so sad to see that some PR companies go against everything they have been taught, especially in school and not to mention real life experiences, and spread rumors about another company just to get ahead. Maybe if they did their job the first time then they wouldn’t have to act this way to remain competitive. I hope that the client of that PR firm was unaware of their actions at the time or else they have serious ethical issues that will be the fall of their company one day.